At the Beginning

Originally uploaded by In Memory of Greg Sher.

~ by gregsher on January 6, 2011.

One Response to “At the Beginning”


    (A truly appropriate, deeply touching poem written by Melissa Wood and intended for Tpr Jason Brown KIA 13 Aug 2010. Melissa won the inaugral Army Facebook Poetry Competition with the poem below. We trust that she will allow us to use it for our beloved Gregory)

    A childhood dream is realised
    As he signs on the dotted line
    To serve his country with honour
    To protect what is yours and mine

    He fights for your rights to freedom
    He fights for your rights to speak
    Loyalty, courage and sacrifice
    To a soldier are not unique

    He doesn’t ask for thanks
    He’s not interested in praise
    What he does deserve is your respect
    For selflessness of his ways

    There are countries full of people
    Who can’t rest easily at night
    They’re not strong enough to protect themselves
    They need our help to fight

    So the call to arms is made
    To the warriors of our land
    All the training he has worked at
    He’ll now experience firsthand

    Weeks and months go by
    He begins to fulfill his dreams
    Of fighting against the Taliban
    And terrorist regimes

    Not every mission goes to plan,
    Sad news is on it’s way.
    He has made the ultimate sacrifice
    We will never forget this day

    Though this tragedy has happened
    And our soldier’s life is lost
    Don’t disrespect his memory
    With protests of the cost

    The bravest of the brave
    He swore to protect and defend
    Chose to do what many wouldn’t
    To fight until the end

    An amazing friend, protective brother
    A deeply beloved son
    Rest in peace brave soldier
    Your duty is now done.

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