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  1. MY SOUL DID NOT DIE – Author Anonymous
    Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    My soul does visit, but I do not sleep,
    I am in a thousand winds that blow,
    I am the softly falling snow.
    I am the gentle showers of rain,
    I am the fields of ripening grain.
    I am in the morning hush,
    I am in the graceful rush
    Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
    I am the starshine of the night.
    I am in the flowers that bloom
    I am in a quiet room.
    I am in the birds that sing,
    I am in each lovely thing.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry
    My soul does visit, but I did not die

    May you rest in the palm of God’s hand
    …. until we meet again.

  2. G thinking of you especially today. Waz and I talk about you often reminiscing about all the good times since ’88. You’re always in our thoughts and we miss you. JK

  3. At the Melbourne Shrine dawn service this year I was literally bawling when the MC spoke about Greg. (go to 16:50 in the video). The MC used Greg as an example of the values imbued by our Aussie peacekeepers. Even in death Greg continues to be a massive Kiddish Hashem.
    My niece received the Greg Sher memorial Award this year. I didnt even know this was a thing. I hope that she takes the time to find out who Greg zt’l was and that it inspires her to be a “soldier”: Someone who does their mission the best way, in the kindest way, in the most altruistic way. And when she thinks she is there, that she is the best, she will stop and reevaluate how she can be even better than that!

  4. I never knew you. But we will always remember you and your family’s sacrifice.

    -A member of the Australian public

  5. Time ticks by and we remember you, Greg. I also acknowledge the ongoing pain of your family and friends.
    May your memory be a blessing and an example of a life well lived.
    Judy Landau
    Immediate Past President and Life Member, VAJEX Australia
    4 January 2018

  6. Another year has passed but our memory of Greg will always be in our minds. To Yvonne, Felix and family: we will always remember him.
    Ben, Hanna and David Hirsh.
    4th January 2018.

  7. Dear Greg

    I had the immense honour of meeting your wonderful parents Yvonne and Felix on the weekend just past. They were in Adelaide with other families whose sons, husbands and father lost their lives in Afghanistan whilst serving their country. I had read what I could about you but it was not until I spoke with your parents that the full impact of the loss was apparent. It was clear from the outset that the Army and Australia has lost an incredibly committed and courageous soldier whose humanity was as ever present and obvious to all. In meeting your parents I also came to realise that our national and global communities had lost a remarkable individual who would have made a difference and left a mark no matter what he did. The joy and love that you brought to so many resonates in every story, in every message, in every photo. The pride and the deep and abiding love that your parents have for you shine like an eternal flame – a constant reminder of your indomitable spirit, your deep humanity and your capacity for love.

    “At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.”

  8. Greg, our family was honored by the Australian War Memorial to participate in a Special Forces Exhibition. Mum and I were to be interviewed by a prominent journalist and author, Chris Masters. As the only family, we are most humble and grateful.
    We spoke about your achievements, your lovable character, and importantly, your exceptional, wonderful 1 Commando and 5/6 RVR family. How they have embraced us and included us as part of the unit. Also how kind and receptive the ADF and its satellites have been to us.
    We were asked about managing the loss of you, and responded that there was no such event as closure. Only managing the immense life changing event on a daily basis.
    We hope that in participating in contributing to Australian military history, we have contributed to honoring you and all your brothers in arms.
    May the ALMIGHTY bless you and your fallen mates. May he cause his face to shine upon all of you and be gracious unto you. Most importantly, may he give all of you peace.

  9. I wish you could be with us when we wake and go to sleep,
    That we could reach out and touch you and your love we could
    always keep.

    But destiny has changed this, God has taken you away,
    Still in our thoughts and memories, with us you’ll
    always stay.

    The moments we share together, we have only to close our eyes,
    And one by one we re-live them again they can’t be erased by

    You are with God now – There’s no sorrow or strife,
    God needed you for his “kingdom of heaven,” so he drew you
    from the “Garden of Life”

    Our life here is only transient, we are only passing through
    So in the time that we have left let’s not forget to do what we
    must do –

    To help each other in times of need, to put aside our thoughts
    of greed,
    Let’s not be bitter and full of hate, help to ease the other’s pain,
    please don’t hesitate.

    And now let’s honor Gregy, that he was such a beautiful
    That God admired and loved so much for His Heavenly Garden he chose.

    “To My Son”
    Mrs. Jacklynn MacKenzie (Adapted)

  10. You had the best giggle I’ve ever heard.
    You genuinely liked people and were interested in absolutely everyone.
    You were so masculine but never controlling. So strong and also gentle.
    You loved children. You had a deep curiosity for the world around you.
    You pushed your limits and had one of the best growth mentalities I’ve seen.
    You loved your family, you loved your mates and you loved me.
    You made me a better person in so many ways.
    Miss you G

  11. I remember this day like it was yesterday, while the memory may haunt the memory of the man is far stronger and comforting. Kaiser.

  12. He fell and died
    Bloody on a foreign battlefield
    Thinking himself forgot.

    In flag draped coffin came home
    Back to his beloved country
    Where crowds lined the streets
    Giving homage as the gun carriage drove bye.

    He will never be forgot
    With his name inscribed in glory
    Upon the roll of honour
    For the sacrifice which he made.

    Colin Ian Jeffery- Death of a Soldier

    Despite the eight years that have passed, we continue to manage the pain
    of losing you.
    Rest in peace son, and may the ALMIGHTY bless you and keep you, May HE cause HIS face to shine upon you and grant you peace.
    Love Mum and Dad

  13. On this yahrzeit, time has not dimmed our memories of Greg.
    To Yvonne and Felix: we will always remember him.
    Ben, Hanna and David Hirsh

  14. Not how did he die, but how did he live?
    Not what did he gain, but what did he give?

    These are the units to measure the worth
    Of a man as a man, regardless of birth.

    Not, what was his job, nor what was his creed?
    But had he befriended those really in need?

    Was he ever ready, with word of good cheer,
    To bring back a smile, to banish a tear?

    Not what did the sketch in the newspaper say,
    But how many were sorry when he passed away.

    With respect
    Lest We Forget
    Judy Landau on behalf of the Board and Members of VAJEX Australia

  15. G as always remembering and thinking of you and the great fun times we shared growing up. Especially on Dec 3 as we never forgot each others bdays. Miss you. JK

  16. When I was a child I tried to understand the significance of Remembrance Day. It was such a distant concept for a kid to grasp, stories of courage from the past etc. Now as a man of 45 years and a veteran it is far to well understood.

    I carry two names on my right wrist one of whom I barely knew and one I helped select.

    On Greg’s selection course he was always smiling no matter how intense the pressure. It was actually a bit frustrating because the whole purpose was to test people’s resolve, his was unshakeable.

    Greg was such a kind guy who had deep affection for his brothers in arms. Always professional and a little bit cheeky in a classic Aussie soldier way.

    He was an excellent shot and also an great student to teach he was passionate about his skills and always humble. I really enjoyed the times we spent working on his skills at Oakleigh Pistol Range, out of the green machine. Marksmanship must have a genetic component because Barry was also as slick, maybe even a little better. Either way the term fierce gentleman could be used describe both of them aptly.

    For the guys who had the opportunity to know Greg from his time in the Unit we carry fond memories of assorted adventures with “Shery” smiling and just getting the job done in his unflappable way.

    My children have been taught about dads friend Greg who didn’t come home and understand far better than I did as kid, the phrase, lest we forget.

  17. Today is remembrance day. Just sitting here thinking of your face, working with you on shift. This week’s parsha (Lech Lecha) talks about Avraham and teaches us that Avraham had Mesiras Nefesh to teach the world about G-d, give himself a Bris and almost sacrifice his son. I don’t know anyone else personally that has given up their very life protecting others, but this is something that our father Avraham Avinu taught us. Just want you to know that you are still an inspiration to me.

  18. What a fantastic honour to have the Soldier On Reintegration and Recovery Centre named in Greg’s memory and in tribute to his contribution.

  19. On 05/06/2016 the Gregory Sher Reintegration and Recovery Centre administered by Soldier On Australia was officially opened by the Governor General of Australia, Sir Peter Cosgrove. Also present was Lady Cosgrove, Generals Leahy and Gillespie (both retired), General Rosenfeld (reservist),
    Members of Federal Parliament, Rabbis Heilbrunn and Gutnick, relatives and friends.
    Gregory, may your spirit regularly visit that centre and assist to bolster those seeking help and comfort, with courage, hope and fortitude. May they thus be able to manage and conquer their pain, whether it be mental, physical or both

  20. Dear Greg,

    Yesterday, my team received the Greg Sher Dugma Award. It means more to me than I can express to have been part of the team that received such an honour as to be thought of as in the same league as you. While I have never met you in person, you and your teachings are still very much part of the Group and the culture you inspired lives on. This is only the beginning for Team Shomer in our strive to further follow in your דוגמא אישית (personal example).

  21. Holding Greg and your family in my heart & thoughts extra today.

  22. Seven years have passed so quickly, yet not a day finishes that I don’t think of Gregory.
    Many more stories, from people previously unknown, have come to light over the years of his kindness and concern for others.
    His positive influence, good deeds and caring nature are legacies left for his family to be proud of. His patriotism forever etched in metal in so many parts of Australia.
    My memories sometimes result in a smile, yet the profound heartbreak and sadness always seem to find a place. R.I P. my beloved son.
    4th January 2016

  23. Dear Yvonne and Felix,
    The years fly by but the pain remains as if it were yesterday when the devastating news reached us that Greg had been killed in action.
    His memory will live on for many reasons, as we continue to honour the outstanding person he was.
    Lest We Forget
    Judy Landau
    President, VAJEX Australia

  24. In memory of Greg Sher – never forgotten. MHDSRIP.
    Hanna, Ben and David Hirsh

  25. (For Gregory on Remembrance Day)

    Death is nothing at all.
    I have only slipped away to the next room.
    I am I and you are you.
    Whatever we were to each other,
    That, we still are.

    Call me by my old familiar name.
    Speak to me in the easy way
    which you always used.
    Put no difference into your tone.
    Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

    Laugh as we always laughed
    at the little jokes we enjoyed together.
    Play, smile, think of me. Pray for me.
    Let my name be ever the household word
    that it always was.
    Let it be spoken without effect.
    Without the trace of a shadow on it.

    Life means all that it ever meant.
    It is the same that it ever was.
    There is absolute unbroken continuity.
    Why should I be out of mind
    because I am out of sight?

    I am but waiting for you.
    For an interval.
    Somewhere. Very near.
    Just around the corner.

    All is well.

    Nothing is past; nothing is lost. One brief moment and all will be as it was before only better, infinitely happier and forever we will all be one together with Hashem

    Death Is Nothing At All (Adapted)

    Henry Scott Holland

  26. “There is no consolation which can replace the footsteps you anticipate walking up the stairs which are now so silent. The uniform of your beloved son, that you keep on a hanger in the cupboard, and from which you wish to grab one more time, a whiff of his scent. The son or daughter whose photos you stare at with immense longing that just grows stronger” –
    Yuval Rotem – Past Israeli Ambassador to Australia

    ANZAC Day – 25 April 2015

  27. Wishing you all a long life. May Greg’s memory be a blessing. Love to all

  28. He is gone

    You can shed tears that he is gone
    Or you can smile because he has lived

    You can close your eyes and pray that he will come back
    Or you can open your eyes and see all that he has left

    Your heart can be empty because you can’t see him
    Or you can be full of the love that you shared

    You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday
    Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday

    You can remember him and only that he is gone
    Or you can cherish his memory and let it live on

    You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
    Or you can do what he would want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.

    David Harkins 1981

    Yahrtzeit 4th January 2015 – Smiling at your nephew, Eitan, playing with trains on your grave, and Ariel drawing pictures for you, Zara running around your resting place, Elinor looking on and Reuben, in his infantile years, still able to be staring into your beautiful face
    And family and many good friends gathered around honouring your sacrifice to your beloved land, Australia

  29. To Felix, Yvonne and family: another year has passed and Greg is still the hero we respect and remember. Yehi Zichro Baruch.

    Ben, Hanna and David Hirsh.

  30. 8 Tevet 5775 ח׳ בְּטֵבֵת תשע״ה
    When hearing of the planned memorial to Greg in the new Galleries of Remembrance at the Shrine of Remembrance, I pondered how even with Greg’s untimely loss, he is reaching what will be countless generations – now and in the future. On seeing the actual display before the official opening, there were no crowds to interrupt that amazing moment of reflection.
    To Yvonne and Felix, your dignity and quiet composure is an inspiration.
    May you have only simchas.
    Judy Landau
    President, VAJEX Australia

  31. I saw you on the TV tonight, Greg and my 4 year old pointed to the TV and said “That’s a good soldier, yea Daddy?”
    And I said “yes he was, he was my friend.”
    I still think about you and it still brings me to tears. My boy said I should call Hashem to speak to you… Children sometimes know how to make you smile at just the right time.

  32. Greg, thinking of you always, today especially, continuing the tradition since grade 4. Wa and I miss you very much and reminisce about our wonder years together. Take care my dear friend.

  33. Far away from all who loved him
    In a hero’s grave he lies

    Goodbye old pal,
    Always, I will remember you

    Nothing on Earth, can ever repay
    For the sacrifice, he made that day

    While he lies, in silent sleep,
    His memory, we will always keep

    Sunshine passes, shadows fall,
    Love and remembrance
    Outlasts all

    His heart was good,
    His spirit was brave,
    His resting place
    A soldier’s grave.

    (Spoken by Ineka Voigt at the 2014, National Remembrance Day ceremony at the Australian War Memorial).

  34. Hi Greg. I am almost finished with the book! Tonight I am editing and working on the chapter in which I share some of your story. It is so very important to me to do this well. I have no doubt you watched over me on my journey, and I ask that, if you can, please help guide me through these last few days of this process. Help me find the words that truly honor your life and spirit in a way that will make you and your family proud. -Jen

  35. Today was the naming and circumcision ceremony of your second nephew.
    Your first born nephew, Steven’s son, Eitan Michael Sher honours you with his second name. Barry’s son, Reuben Greg Sher, your second born nephew, honours you with his second name as well. With assistance from the ALMIGHTY, guide your nephews and nieces to attain happiness, wisdom, and success throughout their lives. May they bring joy and honour to their parents. and may they be blessed with good health. Your absence at these celebrations highlights our loss. G-D bless you. All our love. Mum & Dad

  36. I think of you so often, but especially on the 4th of January. You and your family were in my heart all day yesterday.


  37. It’s been five years brother, you are not forgotten.

  38. Young Sons by Bill Mitton (adapted)
    A mother takes down a photo
    And she holds it to her breast
    Just has she’d done the child it shows
    The little boy she’d washed and dressed.
    She remembers how his hair felt
    His soft scent still fills her nose.
    And one again she curses,
    the path her young son chose.
    With boyish smile, and happiness
    he’d picked adventure and the gun
    she remembered still the fear and dread
    when he told her what he’d done.
    Yet she’d smiled and waved him off
    as only a loving mother could
    If God was good, her smiling son
    would return as young sons should.
    But then fickle fate, it knows no God
    it makes its judgments where it will
    and 107mm rockets, they don’t discriminate
    about who they should maim or kill.
    So young sons often come home
    fulfilling all their mothers fears
    Not with happy smiles and laughter
    but, draped in flags and mother’s tears.

  39. Greg
    Me old mate, another year has passed here without you , often in our thoughts and prayers . Your bro’s are growing their families , their kids will grow up proud of their uncle and you would be so proud of them, you will live on through them
    We will never forget you
    Rest in peace

  40. Tomorrow the 4th of January has rolled around again and it falls on Shabbat so the post is a day early.
    Remembering the priceless and selfless sacrifice of Greg.
    Lest We Forget

  41. Greg: you will forever remain in our hearts; we will always remember you.
    Ben, Hanna and David Hirsh.

  42. 8 Tevet 5769
    Another year has passed and the conflict is nearly over but the battle continues.
    Greg, we honour your memory constantly and share your family’s grief.
    The pain of losing you has not lessened with time.
    Lest We Forget
    VAJEX Australia

  43. Dearest Gregory, the Magen David (Star of David) that stood over you as a proud symbol of your religion in Afghanistan, is once again close to you in Lyndhurst Chevra Kadisha cemetery. Fashioned and crafted with immense care and made to last, it exhibits the strength of mateship and lasting respect for you by those who were with you at that tragic moment. A picture of it will be added to your website.
    On this 5th Yartzeit following your passing, your absence is as heartfelt as the day after. May the ALMIGHTY bless you and keep you, may HE be gracious to you and grant you everlasting peace. Love M & D

  44. G thinking of you, especially today. Just keeping the tradition of birthdays going since grade 4 – no matter where we were in the world. Missing you always

  45. I had remembrance day at school and I thought of you Greg.

  46. Today at school my teacher asked everybody what special day it is. I put my hand up and answered ‘remembrance day’. Then another teacher said I’m happy you chose Alice because someone in her family fought to be a soldier. You are my true hero Greg (not only my hero, Australia’s hero).

  47. miss you buddy

  48. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
    Your memory will live on as those who fell before you.
    To his family, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Lest we Forget and Rest in Peace brother!

  49. My Brother at Arms
    I thank you for your service and to your family and friends my condolences
    1203616 Stewart GM 2 RAR

  50. R.I.P. Digger. Your Duty is done, and we are forever grateful……

  51. I never served with Greg, but I served as a brother in arms in 2RAR. RIP mate. I’m sure you’re up there looking down on us all.

  52. R.I.P mate

  53. Thank you for serving our country. My girls always search for beautiful flowers at the park to place on your special bench. We never knew you but our thoughts are with your family each day when we walk past. We are so sorry for their loss.

  54. Greg,

    I have started and erased this and started over about 800 times. I don’t know what to write. Hilarious, considering I’m a writer, huh?

    So I will stop my ridiculous over-thinking, and just say what I told you at the cemetery, when your father and Ronit walked away to give me a moment alone to speak to you. I was literally on the other side of the world from where I live, kneeling next to your grave, having never met you, and yet somehow I felt like I was sitting with a close friend….

    Thank you, Greg. For everything you have taught me. I promise I won’t forget you. I promise to come back and visit you again.

    I thought of you often, after that strange twist of fate that lead to me reading of your death (on the very day you were killed) while I sat on my sofa in Nashville, Tennessee, and I have thought of you often since that beautiful day I shared with your family in Melbourne over four years later. As you know, I am on a journey right now. I have thought of you while hiking the Great Wall of China. I told a friend your story and toasted to you in Mumbai with the whiskey and the shot glasses your family gave me. I thought of you while riding the train to Johannesburg, and now in Istanbul, as I type this to you. And I will carry your story with me always. I know it seems impossible (and maybe just a little insane) that two people who have never met (and who are not even alive at the same time) can become friends, but I am so very grateful to you for this unexplainable friendship.

    I know that I am so beyond lucky to have learned your story from the mouths and hearts of your family, and I have no doubt that you beautifully orchestrated our meeting by locking the gates of the cemetery that day. So thank you. A million times over. Thank you, Greg.

    Your Friend,

  55. Greg, thank you for your incredible bravery and strength. You are a true hero who will never be forgotten. May we never forget the sacrifices you and all the other soliders in the world make, who are fighting for freedom and equality for all.


  56. Greg, They mentioned you personally at the Dawn service today. I will not try to quote as I will do a terrible injustice. It was such a Kiddish Hashem, Standing there, I felt so proud both to have known you and to be Jewish.

  57. So nice to hear a tribute to Greg at the Shrine in Melbourne at the Dawn Service today, so moving.

  58. Hi Greg. I re-landscaped the memorial garden we have at work (Mt Scopus) last week. I have planted an “avenue of honor”, as well as a great display of winter annual flowers, that surround the plaque that bears your name. Although it is my job to keep this garden looking good, every time I work in it I think of you in particular, as well as all the other Jewish servicemen that made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our beloved country. It is an honor and a privilege to design and plant out this special garden, not just a job. It is the most sacred of places to me in my workplace, and we call it the “Anzac Garden”. I never had the pleasure of meeting you, but having talked (albeit briefly) to your mum, dad and brother last year, I am truly honored to have the opportunity to somehow be a part of you and your family’s lives.

    As you know Greg, my son Rex has now joined you, and I would be honored if you could continue to keep an eye on him for me, and help instil some of your unique qualities within him. Thanks for everything mate.

    Best wishes to your heartbroken Mum and Dad, brothers and all family and friends.
    Yours sincerely, Martin Foster (Groundsman at Mt Scopus College – father of Rex).

  59. Today on ANZAC Day I remember Greg again as his sacrifice becomes the focus while we put our daily lives to the back of our minds. Like my parents who served during the Second World War, I realise that we can never take what we believe in for granted.It is thanks to Greg and his comrades that we can enjoy our freedom, that we can be secure and that we can enjoy whatever holds us dear. Greg will always be a shining example of commitment, of selfless duty, of a role model to us in Australia and to our Jewish community. In their sorrow and pain, may his dear family be comforted in the deep admiration and respect he enjoyed from all. May his family be blessed with a long life and nachat from their loved ones. On this day we bow our heads and remember dear Greg with deep gratitude but with deep sorrow.

  60. A Strange Reunion by Ed Poynter (adapted)

    It’s strange seeing you like this.
    I know you’re not actually here.
    Even that last time I saw you, held you, kissed your forehead
    You were not actually there.

    The time before that, you waved.
    You grinned as you shouldered your pack.
    “Good luck mate.” I called. “Go carefully.”
    I never thought you wouldn’t come back.

    This hewn marble over your head
    Tells me little about you.
    I can read that you were ‘BELOVED
    I can read your rank, your name, your age…
    Many are older than you now. That’s strange.

    I can see that you were a soldier,
    Special Forces, a Jew.
    But I cannot see your laugh, your beautiful smile…
    I still cannot see you.

    You were more than the sum of all these parts.
    You were you. You. You are you.
    You are there in the moments of life when all is good.
    You kept good company and still do…
    You live on in all of us whose lives you touched.
    And we love you.

    For ANZAC Day

  61. Thinking bout you tday brother rest easy. Australia’s Finest

  62. 4th January, 2013

    Thank you Greg — for being spirited, and for inspiring us — for being motivated, and motivating us — for being courageous, and encouraging us — for being tough, and showing us tough-loving — for being mindful, and for filling our minds — and for being great, and helping us to see the potential to achieve our own greatness ♥ ♥ ♥

  63. Hi Greg,

    You were and still are an inspiration to us all. You always knew the right thing to do and had a way of making people want to be around you. I still miss seeing you on shift and having our little talks. When I left “you know where” although it was the right thing for me to do I still feel like I let you down.
    Its been 4 years now and it still makes me cry now thinking about that morning when I saw your face in the paper. You are missed.

    Kaz my thoughts are with you and Baz and the Sher family today.

  64. Greg: With your courage you have inspired the young and not so young ; we miss you and will never forget you. Zichro Yehi Baruch.
    Ben Hirsh

  65. Dear Greg,
    Last Tuesday I was given your award. At the time I was a little blindsided by the honour – I knew a little of your achievements and character from stories shared by those you served with and they all spoke of you with a great deal of respect and affection.

    After spending the last few days exploring your memorial here – looking at the pictures and reading through the messages, it becomes obvious just how exceptional your accomplishments and your strength of character for you to be such an inspiration to so many different people. So to be given your award seems even more intimidating now than then – but as a friend of mine said at the time – if it feels undeserved then you just have to work until you do. So thanks for inspiring yet another with your mensch.


  66. Dearest Gregory,
    Today would have been your 34th birthday. In the 4 years since you were taken from us, not a day goes by that we don’t think of you with the deepest of love and affection, followed by feelings of profound heartbreak and sorrow. we love and miss you dearly. M & D

  67. G,

    Remembering you especially today. Miss you lots and we think about you all the time.


  68. Thanks for developing this website. I am a teacher at Warwick SHS in Perth and I am producing a photo tribute to our lads who lost their lives in the war on terror. I will direct students to this site as part of our marking of Remembrance Day. Thank you and God bless you. Andrew Bell

  69. One week ago we had a pretty nasty car accident. Greg I’m sure you were watching over us. K has been unbelievably caring, managing all of our needs. We are so proud of her. Thank you. Es

  70. Greg- thought about you today, someone mentioned “one percenters”, couldn’t help but think of what you used to say. Your example and lesons live on 🙂

  71. You were in my thoughts today Greg. Whilst we never met, your sacrifice and courage is honored together will all those fallen. Your memory continues. Lest we forget.

  72. Thanks for your reflections on ANZAC Day. They are so reflective of the type of leadership that is both morally and spiritually necessary. That type of courage is the basis of all other virtues, and to possess it and to exercise it makes a man and a leader of men whose influence continues to shape others. It also reveals the type of family such men come from. My thoughts and prayers today are with you all, from Canada.

  73. Dear Greg, I had the honour of meeting your Mum + Dad at a special assembly yesterday at my workplace. Your Dad spoke about you, and shared with us what a caring and wonderful man you are. On behalf of all Australians I want to thank you for your sacrifice, in order that the world can be a better place for all. We have a memorial wall at my workplace dedicated to you, and other Jewish servicemen who died while serving in the defence of Australia. I have the honour and privelidge of looking after the gardens that surround this memorial wall, and I take great pride in these gardens as they are the least I can do to honour the ultimate sacrifice you have made for us.
    My son Rex has now joined you. Please keep an eye out for a blonde haired little 5 year old. He’s a cheeky bugger!, so if you can Greg, just keep an eye on the little bloke for me.
    Thanks Greg, your memory will live for ever.
    Special thanks to your Mum + Dad for sharing your life with me, and taking the time to chat with me. We now share a special bond as parents. Thanks Greg for bringing us together.
    Warmest regards to Felix + Yvonne, and the entire Sher family. My thoughts are with you.

  74. I regularly read books that are still on Gregory’s bookshelf. In “Anatomy of Courage” by Lord Moran, these are only SOME of the quotes Gregory had highlighted:

    – “A few men had the stuff of leadership in them, they were like life rafts to which the rest of humanity clung for support and for hope”

    – “In the presence of danger man often finds salvation in action”

    – “Only by the birth of a proper attitude to danger can we hope to
    discipline the frailty of flesh”

    – “Courage is a moral quality; it is not a chance gift of nature like an
    aptitude for games. It is a cold choice between two alternatives, the fixed
    resolve not to quit; an act of renunciation which must be made not once
    but many times by the power of will. Courage is will power.”

    – “If a soldier is not cut out for war he should be scrapped forthwith for he
    spreads the contagion of defeat.”

    – “It is not the number of soldiers, but their will to win that decides the battle”

    Such were some of the readings of Gregory Michael Sher who constantly reinforced his strength of mind, character, body and will.

    ANZAC DAY 2012

  75. Thinking of you today as we all do so often. Your memory lives on through your friends and family. Lest we forget.

  76. Today was the brit and naming of your beautiful, newest nephew, hardly a squeak! what a brave little boy, he takes after his uncle in name and in bravery. You can continue to be so proud of your girls too. Their courage does you credit. I hope you were there with us.

  77. In memory of the late Greg Sher. You will always be in our hearts.

    Ben Hirsh, President, VAJEX AUSTRALIA Inc.

    (originally posted 4/1/2012)

  78. Your never far from everyone’s thoughts my brother. See you soon enough.

  79. Rest In Peace my friend.

  80. 3 years have passed and i still miss you every day and draw inspiration from your attitude, encouragement and smile.

    I look at photos with my kids and teach them about you, your dedication and sacrifice.

    We hope you feel all of our love and realise that you live on everyday, everywhere and in so many ways.

    Rest in peace,


    Dearest Gregory,
    May the ALMIGHTY bless you and keep you
    May HIS face shine upon you and be gracious unto you
    May the ALMIGHTY grant you everlasting peace.

    We miss you so much.
    All our love, Mum and Dad

  82. Amen

  83. Another year has gone by and tomorrow is Greg’s 3rd Yahrzeit.
    To Felix, Yvonne and all the Sher family, we have you constantly in our thoughts.
    VAJEX Australia Incorporated
    May His Memory Be A Blessing

  84. Felix, it was indeed a pleasure to meet you today where Gregory’s name was unveiled on the Cairn at Tidal River. We both share the lose of a Son. Today was a special day. . Sheryl

  85. Lest we forget.

  86. Dear Gregory, Your memory has been honoured in bronze in so many places. Now there are books dedicated to your memory. “Kokoda Wallaby” by Andrew James has a dedication shared with Michael Fussel. “Keep your Head Down” by Nathan Mullins is purely dedicated to you. Both authors were in your unit and you probably spent a lot of time together.
    For you, and all your brothers in arms with you, I quote the folllowing from “Kokoda Wallaby” for Remembrance Day:
    “When you go home
    Tell them of us and say
    For their tomorrow
    We gave our today.

    Rest in Peace,
    Lots of love,

  87. Greg you are a truly remarkable soldier and you do our country proud. I had the honor of serving with Greg at Xmas island for Operation Relex and I would just like to say you will be missed. All the best to your family and partner from Hmas Arunta boarding party

  88. Gday Greg
    thinking of you as i dig out an SJ patch for one of the young blokes you mentored mate, he is an Armoured Lt now , you would be proud.
    miss our chats

  89. Watched the SAS selection doco on SBS – makes me appreciate just how hard you worked to get to top in those elite units! Such hard work, an amazing sacrifice, a true test of character. Miss you Gregy and think about you whenever I’m running around the park and struggling to do another lap! It’s amazing how your attitudes continue to influence the way those around you think. Davey

  90. Greg- your memory inspires not only the people who knew and were close to you, but also to those who have only heard of you. Missing you buddy!

  91. There are so many people that were inspired by you during your (too) short time here with us. It is incredible how often your name comes up in various conversations. You are sorely missed mate, LEST WE FORGET.

  92. The one constant in most of my military training was Greg. We seemed to end up on all our courses together. He was always up to the challenge and always a pleasure to be around. It was a privilege to have known you Greg. You will not be forgotten.

  93. To all of Gregs family and friends i only knew greg for a short time. i was on a driver course with him in august 2008 but in the short time that i did know him i could tell that he was a soldier worthy of respect and a soldier who led by example and was a great role model for his fellow soldiers. the loss of greg was a great loss to ADF. the person greg was is a credit to his family and friends as it is those around that makes us who we are. thanks Aaron

  94. My sympathy and hearfelt condolences to Greg’s family and friends. I heard of your loss from one of Greg’s old schoomates, Marina, who works with me at a college in Northern Canada. My family have always been friends of Australia, and the Diggers, having served with them in war, and hosted them in peace. I would have liked to have known Greg. He would have been someone I could relate to and taught each other much. He does indeed have the character of one without which a city can be saved. Blessings to you all, and thanks, Greg and your family, for how you have given to our defence.
    How precious in the eyes of the One, is the death of His People!

  95. Greg,

    A single day has not passed betwen that morning in Oruzgan two years ago and today, that you have not been in my thoughts. Every day I try to take a few moments to stop and reflect on the sacrafice you’ve made, and the life you’ve left behind. None of us will ever forget you.

    They are not dead, the men who fell,
    though sounds for them the vesper bell,
    and loved ones gather at the shrine,
    they live in hearts of yours, and mine.

    They live on mountain and in glade,
    in shearing shed or place of trade.
    At school, or on the fields of play,
    they live, those men who marched away.

    They are not dead, the men who fought.
    The sons of valour, who feared naught.
    Of man’s devising, but who trod
    the deathless path that leads to god.

    Their call down bush tracks still is heard,
    Their whistle in the song of bird.
    Their laughter, like a wood note wild,
    is heard in some Australian child.

    They are not dead, but gone before,
    though crosses mark on Borneo’s shore,
    in Markham valley and Balikpapan,
    where rest those mates, who never ran.

  96. Will never be forgotten my friend.

  97. I have an image of you drinking JD with the almighty up there.. have one for us… we love u down here too!

  98. Thinking of you today, as I often do, but this time I’ll be having a drink instead of doing another set of sit-ups.

  99. G,

    My thoughts are always with you, especially today. Wazza and I will have a few beers and do some push ups for you. I miss you very much.


  100. good onya mate, god bless you. I haven’t forgotten your name, nor will I. Your name may not share the limelight with Monash, but your sacrifice is eternal.

  101. Every time we see Gregory’s name forever cast in bronze, on the wall of the Military Museum, on rocks in Glen Iris, Williamstown, and Sydney, or just on the ground in Burwood, Tarin Kowt or on his tomb stone, we will remember a son, brother, nephew, cousin, friend and comrade who selflessly served his nation with devotion, …..and gave his life for our freedom. Our fallen hero dared to be different, had immense confidence in himself, trusted his comrades, and left his fate to the ALMIGHTY. Gregory was a man of great courage. We love him and miss him dearly. LEST WE FORGET.

  102. As time goes by, you are not and will not be forgotten.You will always be cherished with loving memory and gratitude. Today especially you are in our thoughts.

  103. Greg
    I am now back living in Melbourne, watching out of my window at the guns going off at the Shrine of Rememberance whilst everyone goes silent for a minute to remember.
    I’m not the best with fancy words – but you are always in my thoughts and Melbourne just feels like a lesser place without you here.
    Wazza G

  104. To the Sher clan,

    today i bought a poppy flower and noticed that most of London are wearing poppy flowers in anticipation of next thursday 11 nov. i wonder if all the people i pass with poppy flowers have a direct connection to someone who has died in war? but whether they do or don’t, it doesn’t really matter. it’s uplifting to see a sea of poppy flowers on people’s jackets and to perpetually be reminded that we as a people – – ‘remember’. i don’t know what the meaning of the poppy flower is to each person i see who wears it, but i do know that the collective meaning resonates with me on a general level and personally because of dear Greg…

    today i was reminded of your son and brother Greg and pinched myself to think he’s really not here.

    It’s just a short note to let you know that I continue to be reminded of Greg and send you each lots of strength and love – always. While it’s moments of buying a poppy flower around remembrance day that i get in touch with you — it’s very often that i think of Greg. sometimes i am reminded of the funny things he would say and just smile to myself.

    I hope you are all well and may Greg’s memory continue to be a blessing to you all.

    Much love

  105. My heart goes out to the family left behind after he was taken far too early in life.

    I was moved to read about Greg, I decided to make a tribute video to himself and the other now 20 fallen diggers that served in Afghanistan:

    Much respect and admiration to Greg.

    God bless.

  106. Dear Greg,
    you must be beaming with pride to see your special friends excelling, i’m sure they’ve been inspired and motivated by your example and your standards. We all miss you, but we laugh as we remember you in happy times and places. Please keep on watching over us.

  107. I’m sitting at work on a quiet night-shift and a co-worker was looking at pictures and videos from our Aussie boys over in Afghansitan. He commented that “they must be bloody brave to go over there and do what they do…”. I told him about Greg, and agreed that they truly are some of the best and bravest that we have. May Greg’s memory, and the memory of all the other fine soldiers that have lost their lives so that we can continue to enjoy the freedoms we often take for granted, live on and continue to inspire us all. Miss you buddy.

  108. Miss your smile mate.

  109. The following quote by Theodore Roosevelt was placed by Gregory on the wall at his work desk and served as an inspiration to him

    “It is not the critic that counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at best, knows in the end the truimph of high achievement, and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat”

    Gregory was indeed the man in the arena, an enthusiastic, devoted, inspirational man who gave his life for love of the country he soldiered for.

    ANZAC Day 2010

  110. Sylvia, from the other side of the world,from Toronto Canada, I searched for you. Now, when I do find you,I read of this terrible tragedy that has overtaken our extended family.
    I never knew your grandson Greg, his Mom only as a child.
    But to read about Greg, I find myself thinking of his Grandfather Sydney, and how they resemble each other, not only facially, but in the good works, they both did,and the memories they have left in this world.
    Love to you all.
    Anne (Miller) and Basil Sloman

  111. Well Greg, the last conversation I had with you was about my application, it took over a year (which seems like ages in the work world but yesterday since our chat) but I am now finally in the reserves. I told you I’d ask about what to expect once I got in, but I will figure it out. I’m sure you’ll be watching, and laughing at my unco moments!

  112. To Felix, Vonnie, Steven, Ronit, Barry, Naomi and Karen
    Being the start of 2010, and just over a year on, I just want to let you all know that I think of you all so often and not a day goes by that I don’t think about what a remarkable person Greg was. He truly touched every single person he met and I have so many good memories of the time we all spent together in the early years! His memory will live forever in our hearts.

  113. It’s been a little over a year now since you left us and barely a day goes by when I don’t think about you and our times together. You were a genuine and dependable guy, a dedicated soldier and a true mate.

  114. Remembering Greg today – had a beer for you mate.

  115. One year on and still the thoughts of you continue to fill my mind and soul. I miss you and I will continue to do so every day – you will always be in my heart. On this day, I am remembering you as an inspirational hero who I will always look up to when I need guidance. Sending you lots of love, forever and always. Nikki

  116. Remembering Greg today….

  117. Not a day goes by when I dont think about what happened on this day. More importantly though I think about the times we had the things that happened before then, Darwin Timor, Ghan or just out and about. Sometimes I cry other times thinking about you I smile and laugh every time I’m proud.

  118. Sending love to the skies.. thinking of you, and all of your loved ones!

  119. Hi Yvonne, Felix, Steven, Barry, Karen, family and friends,
    been thinking of you mate as the anniversary approaches, saw on facebook some of the boys have been doing the 1000 steps and obviouisly going hard and fast in your honour. Always reminders of you SJ.

    Take care for 2010 guys, i hear they love the patches

    kind regards

    Ben Doyle-Cox

  120. To Felix, Yvonne. Steven, Ronit, Barry, Naomi and Karen. Our thoughts are with you on the yahrzeit of the loss of Greg. We wish you all long life. From the Committee and members of the Victorian Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women, Inc (VAJEX).

  121. Sending love and admiration to the heavens above.. Have a JD for me.. Miss u buddy!

  122. thinking of you today Greggy, as I do often. Gone from us, but never forgotten.

  123. Thinking of you today. Hope you are celebrating hard up there.

  124. G,

    You were one of my best and longest friends. Since we were 9 years old without fail we remembered each others birthdays. I think about you all the time and you are truly one of the most remarkable people that I have ever met. You were an unbelievable friend and I miss you very much.

    Yvonne, Felix, Steve, Baz & Karen my thoughts are always with you guys especially today on G’s day – December 3rd.

  125. Rememberance Day 2009, you’ll always be remembered Greg and your sacrifice never forgotten. The boys are back on another tour and hold you near to their hearts.

    Lest We Forget.

  126. There is no gift greater than the gift of having met you Greg

  127. In my 11 years in the Australian Army, i have met some interesting people and made some really good friends, but no-one inspired me or understand me more than you buddy. You have the ability to make people feel like they are worth something and really bring out the best in people. While we only spent a short time together, your passing has touched me deep. A better soldier there maybe, but a better person and friend… I doubt it.
    Rest In Peace my brother.
    My luv to Karen and the Sher’s.

  128. To Yvonne, Felix, Steven & Barry,
    We remember happy times with you all in Adelaide when you lived here. We remember Greg, as a fine young boy, full of life and fun. His loss is great, and we will always respect what he did for his country. May you be spared from further grief.

  129. I was Greg’s Year 7 Coordinator at Doncaster SC and have very fond memories of him and his friends. He was an unfailingly courteous young man with a joyous sense of humour. In my teaching career I have engaged with many young people- Greg remains strong in my memory as a wonderful boy who was a true credit to his family and community.

  130. Memories to Treasure

    As clear as a loving word or the touch of a hand so warm and dear,
    Are the memories of our Gregory that we treasure and hold near.
    A favourite song or picture often causes us to recall,
    The many special times that were dearest ones of all.
    And although time will soften, but never heal the loss, we will never be far apart,
    Because God’s gift of memory will always have our Gregory as a treasure in our hearts.

    Good evening everyone. My name is Larry. We are here tonight in honor of a dear friend in Greg. I am sure each of you here had your own intimate friendship with him and of course we all have individual stories and anecdotes of the many memorable times with him. That is why I feel privileged to be able to share some of my stories with you tonight.
    I met Greg at the age of 19. At 19, one thinks that they pretty much know all there is to know about the world and the people living in it. But Gees, was I wrong! After meeting Greg, my innocence was lost again, and this time forever. I cannot get into specifics, but I am confident that all of you knew Greg’s take on the finer things in life – in no particular order – Alcohol (specifically JD+Coke), Girls, Guns, Fun and Fitness.
    There would be enough hilarious stories about our experiences with Greg to fill a novel, so I will only tell you about one that stands out in my head. In fact, it is the only story that I can tell you that does not need to be censored or beeped out.
    It was the first time that I went to Greg’s house to do some training. Before going, we had spoken many times about the fitness standards in the army, and what is expected, what type of strength training you need to do etc. And my first impression was that – “Ok you need to be fairly fit, but with the right training you can get to the level where you need to be”. So off we went to a park near his house. It was quite a hot day, probably around 30 degrees. We did a few stretches and were about to run a 2km track. Greg told me that he would set the pace and this was an average pace that I could expect. “Are you ready?” he asked me while getting ready to start his stopwatch. “Yeah, anytime” I said. “Go!”….and off he went, like a bolt. My intial thoughts were “I’m in deep shit”. Greg was sprinting down the track and soon out of view around the corner. I was soon running by myself thinking this guy is a freak. Needless to say I saw Greg later at the end of the track with a look of “what the hell took you so long?” Demoralized, I walked back to the car and we went back to his house. He told me I certainly needed to improve my fitness and gave me an impossible training schedule, one that would even scare Chuck Norris. I drove home thinking “I am definitely way out of my league.” It was only later night that he told me that he was only joking about the pace he had set and that he had sprinted the first few hundred metres and took a shortcut to the end of the track.
    Most of you will be familiar with the Samurai. The Samurai were Japanese Warriors who dedicated their life to Bushido, which when translated to English means “The Way of the Warrior”. The Samurai lived by a code, a code of 7 Virtues. These virtues were not only applied to their physical training, but also flowed into their everyday lives and made them into a social, elite person.
    The first of these virtues is Chu which means Duty and Loyalty. This virtue is the foundation of all 7 virtues.
    Second is Gi which is the ability to make the correct decisions and to be fair to all people no matter what colour, race, gender or age.
    Next is Makato – Honesty, Honorable and Moral.
    Rei – To be Courteous and Respectful
    Jin – Compassion and Generosity
    Yu – Valour and Courage and the ability to handle any situation.
    And Last – Meiyo – Success, Honor and Glory
    If you knew Greg, you will know that as I was reading out these virtues, I could have been reading his biography. Greg was an Elite. Obviously he was in the elite as a soldier, by making it into special forces, but he was also an Elite friend! Greg was there for you no matter the circumstances. When your chips were down, Greg was always the first there to help you get on your feet. He was there to listen and to help. He was always the first to back you up.
    While writing these words about Greg, I found it difficult to encompass all that he was in just words. And then I realized, it is difficult because it is impossible. No words, story, definition or anecdote will truly give a person who did not know Greg, an accurate portrayal of the amazing man that he was. So, it is therefore only us fortunate ones who spent time with him that will know the real nature of great friend. We are all left with fantastic memories, memories which I truly treasure. And it is these memories that enables Greg’s spirit to live on.

  132. Dearest Yvonne and Felix,

    Writing to wish you “long life”.


    Steve Miller, Naomi and Joshua (2 years old)

  133. Greg,
    During the past month I’ve been confronted with a new challenge – but I have only you to thank for helping me take the first step on this daunting climb, and I know that with your guidance I’m going to reach the other side with strength, courage and dignity. Missing you, and sending a big bunch of love,

  134. Thinking of you daily, when I pass your ‘hairdressers’ car in traffic, or get the bike out, every time I contour round a hill or think about how many paces I do for 100m, and the other day when I went on a hike and got asked if I was sure I had enough water with me I thought you’d have a laugh! Missing you heaps.

  135. Dear Greg,

    Mate – always in our thoughts. think of you especially on the way to work by bike when i pass the war memorial and the army barracks. the daily commute by an ordinary person who remembers a true hero.

  136. Missing you buddy – still can’t believe you’re actually gone.

  137. Greg, not a single day has gone past that I haven’t been thinking of you

  138. I’d like to send my deepest condolences for the loss of your son Greg. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all. May the Lord hold you safe in the palms of His hands Greg.

  139. I had the honour and pleasure of working with Greg some 10 years ago.

    I will always remember Greg as a superb athlete possessed with innate leadership skills. I will also miss his quiet, easy-going manner and quick smile.

    I know that he wanted to not just be a soldier, but the best soldier he could possibly be. His accomplishments are many for such a young man. The world was a safer place with Greg watching out for all of us.

    My sincerest condolences to Melbourne’s Jewish community – and especially to his fine family and friends.

    “May his memory be blessed.”


  140. Dear Greg, today we are O/S celebrating our son’s wedding and it’s a very happy day but you too are in our thoughts and with us every single day, with all our love,

  141. “Valley of Shadows” Dov Ryzman’s version of ideas contained in Rabbi Roland B Gittlesohn’s book “Mans Best Hope”.

    Questions still remain to be answered
    Which religion must solve
    Like “Why did God let this happen to us?”
    Despite life lived with good resolve

    If it is part of religion
    To give man meaning in his life
    What can we say in many cases
    Which clearly evince much unearned strife?

    To stand at the grave of a child
    Or of fine young friends in combat killed
    Who can glibly explain the anguish
    Which skilful spun logic can assuage whats been willed

    Yet when the heart breaks we have to try
    No less than when it sings
    We cannot abdicate God – given reason
    In trying to answer such things

    There can be no valid answer
    Not based on correct assumption
    That life with or without religion can see growth without pain
    Is not a correct presumption

    Often, but not always, pain is a mystery
    With understanding left unsatisfied.
    Its not so much the pain we feel intolerable
    But pain with no meaning applied

    We have known unbelievable heroism
    With deep suffering in many a tale
    Triumphantly endured by ordinary men
    Who saw reason and purpose in their travail.

  142. Dear Greg, the Shers and Kaz.

    I also met Greg when I signed up to do community volunteer work some 5 and a half years ago.

    While the nature of that orgnisation is one that helps you to improve yourself because of the great people in the organisation, I would have to say my biggest external influence was none other than Greg.

    It was through the skills he taught me that I managed to build my self confidence and largely become the person I am today, for which I am greatful.

    I use the skills taught to me by Greg on a daily basis and find myself silently thanking him every time.

    But he didn’t just talk to me to help me improve, he was truly someone who lead by example, and earned the respect of those around him just by his character and integrity alone.

    What always stood out to me about him was the constant humility he showed in everything he did and he did not boast about what he achieved.

    Greg will forever have my respect and the lessons he taught me will stay with me for the rest of my life.

    I am truly glad to have had the chance to know him!

  143. Sir Winston Churchill once said, “the citizen soldier is twice the citizen”. Greg was that and much more. His name will shine forth on the Roll of Honour at the Australian War Memorial. The endless pilgrims that travel there will gaze up at his name and tell their children of his story.

    Farewell Greg, you will never be forgotten.

  144. Dear Greg

    I still think of you. Hope you are in peace and bonding with your family upstairs. I know your soul and spirit is still living. You were an amazing person, Your passing had such a huge affect on me, it took me a while to sleep at night, but still to this day, I think of you often and miss you.
    RIP Love you my friend. Tanya.

  145. On the day I heard the terrible news of Greg’s death 4 Israeli soldiers were killed in Gaza. It’s so strange how the war on terror looks the same even from miles away, I know that Greg was there to protect me and my family. It was an honor to know you and to be a part of your life for a short time. I salute you Greg, “shalom haver”.

  146. Greg,
    Rest In Peace mate it was an honour serving with you and all the memories you have left me with. from the boyz at 3RAR Matt Morris, Kev Toonen, Tony Curruthers we will remember you.

  147. Greg,

    Just so you know mate – we are all still thinking about you.


  148. Sher’s

    I just heard the sad news from Simon. Anzac day wont be the same without you mate.
    My deepest sympathies to his family.

    “neka mu je laka crna zemlja’


  149. To Greg’s family and Karen,
    I am so admiringly envious of you all – how lucky you have been to know and be close to such an incredible person. I am so grateful to have even crossed paths with Greg – I am a better person for having known him, and I feel so honoured to have met him. I wanted you to know he will always live on in my heart and my soul, and I will always look to him for motivation and inspiration. Thank you so much, truly.

    To Greg,
    I’ve tried so many times to write on this page, yet every time I have left without saying anything because I feel as though the words simply won’t do you justice. I have never felt this way about losing someone, despite not knowing you all that well. Not so long ago I heard from someone that I had once inspired you with my determination. I was in shock – there I was, feeling so incredibly inspired by you – in such awe – and then I hear that I had once, even if for a moment, been able to inspire you. I can’t begin to explain how that made me feel, how honoured I felt to have even been in your thoughts in such a way. The impact you have had on so many peoples’ lives is nothing short of breathtaking. I don’t need to write about your endless qualities – everybody already knows how brilliant you are. Greg, all I want you to know is that you are my true hero, you are my inspiration, and I will cherish and miss you every day for the rest of my life.

    Love, the “pocket rocket”.

  150. To all of you

    Greg was an authentic hero who gave his life so that all of us (everywhere) may be free and sleep safely in our beds. No higher praise is possible. May you all be comforted and may his soul be bound up in the chain of life. His grandfather Sydney, great-great-great uncle Leibl and he are all at this very minute exchanging war stories and having a very good time doing it.

    G-d Bless you all

    Peter Appelbaum

  151. I met Greg over 10 years ago. We both signed up to do volunteer work. We were 18 years old. After a few weeks of training we were selected together to help out at our first function. Most of our night was spent seating at the back of the hall listening to the guest speaker. We would smile and nod at each other, neither of us really knowing what we weredoing. However, what we both understood and felt was that we were apart of something very important. This is the Grisha I know. His strong values and principles drove him toget involved in activities that were more important than himself. His strong values and principles ensured that he always acted for the greatest good. And his strength of character to stand up for what he believed in, and never to waiver, regardless of the circumstances, is an inspiring character trait. I will miss his tough looking exterior and his soft warm personality. I will miss the sneaky nod and smile he gave just after ordering recruits to do another 30 pushups. I will miss the lengthy discussions on the future of the group. And most of all I will miss the open and affectionate friendship that we had.

    Grisha, we sweated and fought together, we schemed and laughed together, we created a bond that, no matter the distance or the time passed, will never be broken. You are sorely missed and will never be forgotten.

  152. To Greg’s family, please receive our heart felt condolences. We did not know your son, brother, partner. We can only hope that we gave him the best journey home that we could. We hold Greg with the greatest respect and admiration for the sacrifice he made for his country. He will never be forgotten by our crew. All our love and respect, lest we forget. Wrighty, Bench, Willey, Shagga, Huey, Thommo and Nelso, the crew of Mambo 32.

  153. Thanks for everything mate, you always stayed for that last drink when everyone else had gone home, you made me laugh when I wanted to give up. Till next we meet, watch over us bro.


  154. I never met you Greg, but I want to say thank you. Thank you for what you did in your short life for me, for my family and for the country.

    Thank you and God bless,

  155. I never knew you mate, but I am going on selection for 1 Commando Regt in May 09, and when the going gets tough I will think of you mate. You have inspired me to be a better officer, and one day I hope to have honour like you. RIP brother.

  156. Whilst we feel so far away being in London during these difficult times, we offer our thoughts on the all too short life of a great guy.

    Greg, we both feel privileged to have known you as a friend, a leader, an instructor, as Bazza’s brother but most of all as a fine example of what every human should aspire to be. You were determined, focused, passionate and giving. As an instructor and protector, you were someone everyone in the CSG looked up to. As a friend, we’re honoured to have known you. As a soldier, you are someone every Australian is proud of. Your dedication to both the Jewish community and Australia is an example to all of us.
    Over the years we have known you, we always enjoyed spending time with you. Whether it was at Nim’s for a bbq where we sat and chatted and listened to you repeat all the lines from you favourite action movies, or if it was on shift, or in the office catching up, or watching you lead us through a gruelling seminar weekend, km class, swimming lesson or spending weeks away on holiday with you.

    You were one person both of us looked up to for your Jewish beliefs, your family values, your excellent ability to listen and for your insight and knowledge. You were one person who was always willing to offer a hand and of course smile and giggle at the end of it. You were a true mensch!

    Sadly you have paid the ultimate price for what you believed in so much, not just Jewish life and the Jewish way of Life but life itself. But know that your sacrifice for us all will never be forgotten by all those that sit here today, by your family, by your friends and us.

    We are sorry we couldn’t make it back but we continue to think of you all the time and miss you.
    Love Jess and Ben T

  157. The Sher Family & Karen,

    There isn’t much you can say about Greg that everybody who ever met him, or even knew of him, didn’t already know. As everyone could see and feel the warmth and happiness he brought and shared regardless of the way he was feeling. I believe it’s this selfless act that made Greg such a pleasure to be around. He quite simply made you feel special.

    RIP Mate

  158. Yvonne & Felix.

    Having read the beautiful words written above about Greg, I can only imagine what an incredible son he must have been.

    May G-d give you all the strength to carry on and to remember Greg with happy thoughts.

    With Love & Best Wishes,

  159. We are one
    But we are many
    And from all the lands on earth we come
    We share our dream
    And sing with one points 🙂
    I am, you are, we are Australian

  160. Gsher, I feel extremely privileged to have got to know you personally over the last few years and also to have worked closely with you in recent times.

    From runs in the park, workouts at Re-Creation, play time at the Shers and many training sessions and early morning meetings, we had some great times together that I will always cherish.

    Not only were you consistently great company, always up for a laugh and a good time, you were also an exceptional leader and mentor. I always looked up to you.

    Gsher, your tremendous sense of discipline and professionalism has had a major impact on many people despite the fact that your life was cut short. I will never forget the lessons you have taught me and the great example you always set.

    Although your death is a source of deep anguish and pain, your life is a testament to the virtue and honor that a human being can attain if he is prepared to give totally of himself in anything he does, always.

    I will miss you buddy.

    Jano aka “Davey” as you called me.

  161. My heart goes out to your family. What a tragedy.

    Judaism teaches that a person who is killed by evil forces is called a Kadosh – a holy soul. He is now in the highest realm of the Garden of Eden. This may do little to comfort a family in pain. But at least we know that he is not in pain.

    It is not our place to explain such horrific events. We can only mourn the loss of such a special soul, and honour his memory. But one thing is clear. There are no coincidences. The world runs according to a Divine plan. We cannot know what that plan is or how events around us fit into that plan, but we know that things happen for a reason. The bizarre circumstances in which your cousin was killed leave us dumbfounded and confused, but they also leave us saying that there must be more to the story.

    Our time in this world is only a small part of a big journey. Our souls began their journeys long before we were born and entered this world, and our souls continue the journey long after we die and leave this world. What happens to us in this short life cannot be looked at in isolation. You can’t read one chapter in the middle of a long book and from there figure out the plot.

    Some souls come into this world for a short time to fulfil a specific mission, and once their mission is completed they are taken back to where they came from. Some souls are taken early in order to be spared future pain and suffering. We can only guess. But we can be sure that the story is not over.

    The soul itself is only too happy to leave this world. The soul is alien to a world of cruelty and physicality, and would much rather be in the spiritual realm of goodness above. It is we down here who feel the loss and pain of a soul who leaves us behind. But even this pain is only temporary. There will come a time when all souls will be reunited. In the end, we all go back home.

    I wish your family comfort and strength, and may you only know happiness and good things in the future,

    Rabbi Moss

  162. Greg,
    You were always sensitive to those around you and your ability to make me feel immediately comfortable and welcome whether it be just us or in a large group of people is something I will always remember and be grateful for.
    Your genuine interest in everything and ability to always see the funny side made it impossible not to share your enthusiasm.
    When I went to Gallipoli you wanted me to tell you all about it. Your sentiments and respect for those that paid the ultimate price for our country made reminded me of the importance of what they gave. Now you join them.
    To me your memory epitomises the values and freedoms that have been fought for over the years, and will continue to be fought for and I thank you for stepping up to that fight.
    Your life and principles will always be an example to me.
    Lest we forget.

  163. Greg had the right mix of professional and larrikan. He was a great soldier, a top bloke and Im glad we were mates, even for the brief time we knew each other. Greg had such strength of character that all that got to know him cannot forget him. I remember him as the bloke who always had time for you, no matter what. His life will continue to be an inspiration to me. My heart-felt condolences to the Sher family and all who have felt his loss.

    Lest we Forget

  164. I was deployed on the same contingent as Suzie on OP Relex in 2005. It was a long 6 months and most of the time was spent in Darwin, which is where I got to meet Greg Sher, pure gentleman and that smile all the ladies could not forget. He helped out anyone he could and even myself when he carried me back to the Army base because I couldn’t handle my alcohol. I met my husband on the same trip and Greg was the first person I spoke to about marrying him, a man who you could talk to about anything. I have a child now and I hold him so tight every night because I could not describe what a mother would be going through to have that loss. Our deepest condolences go out to the Sher family, and may one of the best soldiers I know rest in peace. See ya mate. Anne Dufficy

  165. To Greg’s parents, family, Karen & everyone who loved him. No words can adequately describe your loss. Nor can they begin to express my sorrow for you all. Greg was an inspirational soldier and a warm and friendly guy who I will never forget. I met Greg in 2005 when I was his section commander on OP RELEX. From the start Greg stood out for his proffessionalism, his kind heart, his moral courage and his dedication to the Army. Not easy with the only female section commander! His thousand-watt-smile was never far from the surface, even when he had to (yet again!) help me with my pistol training. He maintained a positive attitude when the rest of us were ready to give up. He was a popular member of the contingent and was highly respected by all of us for his eagerness to share his skills, his infectious smile and sense of humour. He took everything in his stride and maintained a positive outlook, even when he got sea sick on our dive course. We were a motley crew in 5 section but I will always consider the guys ‘my boys’. And now I have lost one. I can never begin to imagine how Greg’s loss has impacted you all but I have a son, a brother, and I lost my partner in East Timor so please know that I write all these words with honesty and that I wish you all strength to see you through the future and peace with your memories of the past.

  166. A true hero in a day and age where they are hard to come by. I wish the entire family long life and hope they find strength in each other through this hard time.

  167. Greg was one of my greatest hero’s. From the first night we met having beers and watching his army videos in the sher household, I always thought greg was superman. I thought greg was invincible and capable of anyting. I now know that while greg may have passed on his spirit is immortal.
    He will be forever remembered by all and especially myself. Yvonne, Felix, Barry, Steven and of course Karen. While I am in darwin my thoughts are with you always and of course of greg who was like a bigger brother.

  168. I find it impossible to offer words of comfort to you, Yvonne, Felix, Barry and Steve… and so i offer each of you boundless comfort and consolation at this painful time.

    I was one of the many people who were lucky to come to know Greg and to be impacted by his friendship, wisdom and insights. The great rewards of my friendship with Greg, are my great memories of laughter and all the other human rewards of friendship; the cost of this now is the painful agony of loss I experience.

    I am thankful for the opportunity to gain so much from Greg’s tremendously and unconditionally endearing nature.

    Greg’s memory is a blessing and I will always remember him with love.

  169. I only heard about Greg’s death today. I didn’t know him, but I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that your family is in my prayers.

  170. My deepest sympathies to the family. I cannot imagine your pain, or your pride.

  171. In January 2002 we trained together as part of the enemy party for staff cadets. I’d considered joining commandos and always tried to maintain at least some level of fitness. For Sher this was a driving ambition. Sher was not a big man, but he had a big heart.
    To train we would load up our packs and stomp a quick march from O Block of Puckapunyal to range control and back, a total of about 10km. It doesn’t sound like much, but in forty degree heat and at a quick pace it was a challenge. Others struggled to break an hour. I got close to getting shin splints. On one trip Sher loaded a 20 litre water jerry into his pack and got back in under an hour.
    Another day we were out field navigating and the two of us had to do an extra 8km leg at the end of a long day, with Sher happily taking it in his stride. He taught me the shin stretches that I still use every time I go running and I haven’t had serious shin splints since.
    Sher had the drive and determination, but was always calm and friendly, willing to help. He passionately followed his dream and inspired others.

  172. Dear Sher Family and Friends,

    It is said of the righteous that they do not die , rather that they are simply resting in the dust until the the times of the resurrection of the dead.

    Greg HY”D was man that personified the quality, the highest quality, of Mesirut Nefesh, giving up ones soul for the sanctification of G-ds name. He did it with all his might, heart and soul. Everything he did was directed towards serving his creator with every ounce of strength and vitality. Greg lived with Mesirut Nefesh, he used his G-dly talents to defend Jewish life and the Jewish way of life. Nothing can be greater.

    Greg loved what he did, I remember the way he would describe a particular maneuver or method, he felt it, it was in his blood. We are all blessed to have know Greg and have spent time with him.

    Greg was a righteous man , a rare soul that came into this world and brought joy and happiness to all of those that knew him. As Greg’s soul basks in th light of the divine presence, I am confident that he brings much peace and pleasure to those that are around him, just as he did in this earthly world.

    May Hashem give Greg’s Family and Friend the strength to continue his work, to rejoice in his life and take comfort in knowing that Greg lives on through the positivity and love that we all have for him in our hearts.

  173. Dear Felix, Yvonne and boys, we had not seen Greg for many years but always remember him (and your other boys) as outstanding and special kids. We mourn with you and trust that Hashem will grant you comfort at this incredibly difficult time. Love always, Serena, Julian and family – Johannesburg.

  174. Dear Mr and Mrs Sher,
    I had the priviledge of attending Greg’s funeral on Sunday. Listening to the accounts of Greg’s life reminded me of how fortunate we are in Australia to have people of his, and his family’s calibre come to make their lives here. Speaking later to some of the current serving members I was also made very much aware of the esteem in which Greg was held by his mates at 2 Company, and he obviously had great pride in what he had achieved with them. How lucky we are to live in a country where the Prime Minister, Members of Parliament and senior ADF personnel are able to mix freely with members of the public without threat or fanfare. It is to people of Greg’s character and sacrifice that we are able to do so. On behalf of the Queensland Members of 1st Commando Regiment Association we offer our sympathy and support. We are proud to have called your son a member of our family.

  175. I didn’t know your son but as an ex member of 1 Commando Regiment I would like to pass on my condolences. May he rest in peace.

  176. I never knew Greg but my heart goes out to his family and friends during this very sad time. There are many of us that are thinking of you all.

  177. Thank you Greg.

    I would not be the person that I am now, nor have the life that I do if it weren’t for you. Your motivation, dedication and commitment will be a constant source of inspiration.

    Thank you for teaching me and letting me teach you, you didn’t have to, but in that I have learnt another valuable lesson – ‘humility’, not believing that you are superior to others.

    A True Person and Professional.

    Thank you Greg.

  178. My daughter has been in Afghanistan so I know the fear we parents suffer. Thank G_d she returned safely. We can only pray you will be comforted. All Defence Force families feel your pain.

  179. To The Sher Family & Karen,

    I pass on my deepest sympathy to you all during this sad time. Although I never had the chance to meet Greg in person he will be someone who I will never forget. I have come to know of Greg through his fellow diggers and know that they miss him deeply. I feel so honoured to have been able to pay my respects to such a special, brave and courages man. Your tributes to him touched all our hearts and has left an ever lasting memory of Greg.

  180. A mixture of heartbreaking sadness and immense pride continue to swell inside me.

    My mind keeps going back to our days in South Africa when the Sher and Milner boys forged their friendship at each other’s houses during Shabbos and Sunday afternoons. Running, tennis, swimming and of course playing army games was the order of the day. Sticks as guns, pine cones and condensed soil as grenades, dressed in our respective Dad’s army gear, worn with pride. We would reenact scenes from some our favourite movies like Rambo, Entebee and Delta Force.

    One thing that sticks in my memory from those days is the smile that was always on Greg’s face. He was such a cute and happy boy with an endearing grin and a glint in his eye – we all called him Giggy. Even when he was a grown up and in the army he would come to Sydney and I would put my arm around him and say, ‘Howzit Giggy’ and we’d both have a laugh and it would momentarily take us back to those wonder years.

    Greg made us all more aware of the successes of the Australian Defence Forces (ADF). We all learnt through him of its ability to punch above its weight and about the special forces. Greg took the courageous step of joining the Australian Army Reserve. Greg you make me immensely proud to be an Australian and to be your cousin. Seeing what you had done and your mates continue to do, witnessing the sensitivity, respect and care offered by the Australian military and the Government over the past few days has been humbling. The army family liaison officer, Greg, who has been at the home continuously giving the family genuine and much needed support and read up everything he could on the Jewish mourning process. When his army mates, the pallbearers of his coffin, came over for Shabbos they wore their kippot with pride, refusing to take them off even when they ventured off to the pub after dinner. These guys are committed, thoughtful, intelligent warriors who put their lives on the line to ensure our continued freedom. Sam and Alice will grow up knowing what a hero Greg was and what he gave in service of his people and his country.

    Vonnie and Felix, you guys brought a true warrior mensch into this world, I’m sure Greg is fulfilling an even higher duty now. Steven, Barry, Karen, Ronit and Nim you guys are so lucky to have spent so many good times with Greg. I can see that he was an awesome role model and you are such a solid team. Tany and I wish you all comfort and strength. Greg had extraordinary courage to follow through his passion and he made the ultimate sacrifice.

    I’ve never really taken much notice of ANZAC day but now sadly I can’t stop thinking about it, and how I want to honour Greg’s memory.

  181. I didn’t know Greg very well, but he touched my family’s life in many different ways.

    I worked with Greg a few times as part of the Group. In a collection of generally outstanding individuals, he stood out as a leader.

    Greg and Joel were close mates and when Jenny & Joel got married I was impressed at how Greg and his family warmly and generously welcomed Jenny into their lives. Greg had a special warmth that seemed to reach out to everyone he met.

    We have known Karen, of the mischievous twinkle and shining smile, and her family since she was young. She blossomed after she met Greg and the obvious affection between them was a joy to all of us who care for her.

    We are very lucky if, in our lifetime, we meet someone who provides us with a moral direction, based not on their words, but on their actions and beliefs. Greg was one of these rare people and his passing leaves a large void in all our lives.

  182. Dearest Karen and the Sher family,
    We are so saddened by Greg’s death. To wish you long life seems such an inadequate response, but it is said that there is comfort in ritual.
    I’m sorry I didn’t have the opportunity to get to know Greg better. I do know from the few times our paths crossed that he was one of those special people that can make a shy person feel welcome and comfortable. Karen, your tribute to Greg made me weep, but it also reassured me that the spark in your eye won’t disappear and you will always be a strong, confident woman.
    May all of you be comforted from above.

  183. Dearest Greg,

    My heart goes out to your amazing family and your lovely partner. We have known eachother for so many years, since we were small kids. I remember when you came to South Africa for a visit and we got on so well and formed this amazing friendship. We sent letters to eachother which I still have and will always keep close to my heart. when we immigrated to Australia, you took me out and we spent such great times together! You were a wonderful caring person, an absolutely gorgeous guy that everyone loved inside and out! When you went onto the army, we kind lost touch but always reconnected when we saw eachother. I always looked up to you for your courage and your inspiring nature and I think you were the epitimy of everything good in human being. I will miss you dearly and I will never forget the wonderful times we shared together. I wish Yvonne, Felix, Steven, Barry and Karen all the strength to get through this very difficult time.You will be honoured al cherished forever. RIP dearest Greg, my friend.

    With love from Tanya Goldin

  184. The Lion of Surry Hills

    There is a national hero in Afghanistan called Ahmed Shah Massoud, a famous Mujahidin commander who refused to be conquered by the Russians and later the Taliban. The Great Massoud’s operations and support base was centred on the Panjsher Valley north of Kabul. Such was his thorn in the Russians side that numerous times the Russian unsuccessfully tried to dislodge him from the Panjsher Valley with a numerically superior force, earning the Great Massoud the esteemed nom de guerre “The Lion of the Panjsher”. This name is a play on words, a form of Afghan/Dari poetry , as in his native tongue Dari this literally mean The Lion of the Valley of the Five Lions (Panj meaning Five and Sher or Shir meaning Lion)

    Tragically for the Lion of the Panjsher, Al-Qaida agents disguised as cameramen assassinated him in a suicide blast on the 9th of September 2001. While people speculate what the fate of the country could have been had Massoud survived, the Taliban and their Al-Qaida backers failed to extinguish his unconquerable spirit or his hope that Afghans could overcome adversity to become a free and peaceful country.

    While I had known of Massoud for a few years, only recently did I make the connection between Greg Sher and the Great Massoud. In life, Greg like Massoud knew that in order to live in peace, you have to pursue it. They were both at the top of their game and had unlimited potential. Although both men were taken in their prime by Taliban, their spirit and legacy lives on in the memories of those who knew them and those they sought to free by pursuit of peace. It is this spirit that can never be extinguished. To their people they were both Sher, Lions. As Afghans proudly proclaim Massoud is Amer Sahib e Shaheed or Our Martyred Commander.

    While I never met Massoud, I lived in his shadow for 12 months. I knew Greg where we served together at Bravo Company 5/6RVR in Surry Hills where I had the good fortune to be Greg’s section commander briefly. We also served together in East Timor with 5/7RAR. Unlike some diggers who’s probing questions bordered on inane, with Greg you had the feeling you were value adding or contributing to a mental combat dictionary. Looking back, his ongoing insistence on doing 40 more push ups than the BFA maximum should have awed more than annoyed!!! When he joined Special Forces, I was quietly proud and even more quietly inspired by his efforts, I knew there was nothing keeping him at Bravo and it seemed a logical, natural progression.

    Since he left Bravo company I kept tabs on his progress via the army grape vine and two years ago caught up with Greg on a 5/6 RVR live fire weekend at Pucka that a section of Commandos took part in. Although there was the usual light hearted joking about SF versus Infantry, fit versus fat, M4 versus F88, black boots versus issue boots, I could tell by the glint in his eye and the smile on his face that he was happy and proud of his achievements and where he was at. Sadly it was the last time I saw Greg, as I left for a civilian job in Afghanistan shortly there after and have hardly been back to Melbourne since. I guess I assumed there would always be next ANZAC day, a cheeky SMS or a chance encounter in the back streets of St Kilda.

    The Greg I knew was sometimes fierce, justifiably proud and unquestionable strong. Given that the company logo for Bravo Company is the lion, I think it’s appropriate to steal a phrase from Dari and call Greg Sher “The Lion of Surry Hill, our martyred mate”

    To Greg’s family and Karen, my deepest condolences for your loss. It was a privilege to have known Greg

    Lest we forget

    Bart Robertson
    Suva, Fiji

  185. Greg,
    Sadly, we didnt really know you.

    Not until now.

    And now not a day passes that we dont talk about you.

    Not a minute passes that we don’t think about you.

    You will always be in our hearts.

    Cousins Joe, Janet, Eyal, Sharona, Meron, Inbar, Rinat, Yuval, Noam, Adi and Orri Dushansky.

  186. Our heartfelt condolences go out to you Vonney, Felix and Sylvia Dushansky and families. We are shocked and saddened to learn of your tragic loss. We wish you all “Long Life”

    With love from Raymond & Joan Fine and family

  187. My deepest sympathy goes out to Greg’s parents, brothers, extended family, to Karen and to all of Greg’s friends. I never knew Greg, but I thank him for his determination and efforts to fight for a what is right, as an Australian and as a Jew. I also thank him for making the CSG what it is today. He has left a long-lasting legacy on the group.

    May he rest in peace.

  188. Dear Karen and Sher Family,
    Greg was one in a million, he was so keen , he was up there with the best doing what he loved and strove to do.
    We will all miss him terribly but cant imagine the hole he will leave in all your World.
    The most solid trustworthy bloke you could hope to find, a true freind and a believer.
    He is our SENTINAL now and will watch over us, we at Platypus will always remember him.
    Rest in Peace

  189. It’s been some 14 years since I last saw Greg as a school mate. We always bonded in our passion for Martial Arts and I always remember that although he was younger than us, he was far more articulate, polite and sincere than any of us could hope to grow to be. It was an honor to have met you Greg and I am sure everyone who met you feels blessed to have had the opportunity.

    My deepest condolences to Greg’s family and partner.

  190. Gregory, thanks for all the laughs and the hot chocolates. You will be forever in our hearts.

  191. To Vonney, Felix, Stevie, Bazza and Karen – I am so sorry this has happened.

    Watching all of you at the funeral as so many others did, I could clearly notice the ‘pride and ‘unity’ stand out so clearly amongst all of you. My memories of your whole family ranging from my childhood in South africa to the last 14 years or so in Australia all have two things in common – ‘Unity’ and ‘Pride’. Your family was the first family to welcome mine into Australia when we arrived and again the happiness, unity and pride amongst all of you as a family is something I will always aspire to have in my own family.

    Greggy epitomised all of these characteristics and did so in the most modest way. If I look at all the photos of Greg from the past, you can notice the ‘pride’, ‘unity’ and ‘happiness’ within his eyes and smile and yet his focus always seemed to be on others.

    Whilst his very many life achievements and honours clearly are a true reflection of his courage and determination, what I remember most of Greg was his warm handshake, calming aura and most of all genuine kindness.

    Like everyone else, I am not sure why this has happened but I have no doubt that a soul of his calibre can only be in a very rewarding place now. I would say Rest In Peace – but in all honesty, I think we all know that Greggy has already put his hand up first for the next mission in his ever continuing journey of serving and helping Hashem. Maybe that is, after all what a real ‘Angel’ is and does. Karen, I have never met you before but after hearing you speak briefly on Sunday, your resilience and self-growth has clearly been inspired by being touched by this angel. You are truly blessed.

    Both myself and my family’s prayers go out to you all.

    x With Love Always x

  192. It was with great sadness that I heard the news about Greg’s death. To the Sher family and to Karen I wish long life, and my thoughts are with you all in this incredibly difficult time. Greg touched a lot of lives, and he had such a positive impact on so many people. I feel very lucky to have had the privilege of Greg’s friendship. I have always greatly admired Greg’s strength and quiet determination; the balanced, thoughtful, and reasoned perspective he could bring to an issue or discussion; his kindness, patience, and positive attitude. Greg had the rare ability to listen – really listen – to others, and this was part of what made him such a good friend, as well as a great leader of people. He was always eager to learn whatever he could from others, and would listen to the opinion even of people whose experience or expertise was far overshadowed by Greg’s own. I know that the lessons I learnt from Greg will stay with me throughout my life; and in him our community and our nation have lost a truly remarkable man.

  193. I hadn’t seen Greg for many years, but it is testament to the man he was, that news of his death has moved me so much. Greg you truly were everything your family and friends have recalled and more.

    Its always tragic to hear of the loss of lives of those who have chosen to selflessly serve us all, but never more so than when it’s a friend. Despite all the time that has passed, I will always consider you that friend.

    To your parents, brothers and partner my most heartfelt condolences on a loss of greater than any I can imagine. I pray that we all honour the sacrifice you have made by living our lives fully, and well, always striving to leave this world one day, having truly made a difference as you had.

  194. although i had only known greg for 3 years he was an amazing person who comes from a wonderful family.
    what you did for both your countries is something only an angel can do. unfortunately for the ones who are left behind you will always be loved by ur friends n family and any1 who the brief opportunity to meet u which without them knowing you would inspire and touch their lives.
    You are finally home where angels belong.
    in the not to near future we will all be together again blessed by your loving warmth and kindess,
    your soul lives on in all of us!

  195. As friends of Karen and her family, we’re deeply saddened that we will now never have the opportunity to meet Greg. It was not just the good things we had heard of him from her parents, it was observing Karen’s happiness and inner peace, and realising that someone very special was behind that. Please accept our heartfelt condolences.

  196. I met Greg briefly whilst I was visiting my daughter in Perth. I fould him to be a most pleasant and polite young man. He was very friendly and a pleasure to be around. I wish to pass on my condolances to his family, partner and all his friends wherever they may be. He really was a nice guy. So sorry Greg.

  197. Dear Sher Family,

    To hear of Greg’s remarkable life achievements filled me with an overwhelming sense of pride. Greg was a protector of Australians and Jews alike. Such selfless devotion is eternally venerable.

  198. At the ‘Ramp Ceremony’ for Greg, his father, Felix asked his family to encircle Greg’s coffin whilst he read the following three stories to them.

    “A CERTAIN man had three friends, two of whom he loved dearly, but the other he lightly esteemed. It happened one day that the king commanded his presence at court, at which he was greatly alarmed, and wished to procure an advocate. Accordingly he went to the two friends whom he loved; one flatly refused to accompany him, the other offered to go with him as far as the king’s gate, but no farther. In his extremity he called upon the third friend, whom he least esteemed, and he not only went willingly with him, but so ably defended him before the king that he was acquitted.

    “In like manner, every man has three friends when Death summons him to appear before his Creator. His first friend, whom he loves most, namely, his money, cannot go with him a single step; his second, relations and neighbours, can only accompany him to the grave, but cannot defend him before the Judge; while his third friend, whom he does not highly esteem – his good works – goes with him before the King, and obtains his acquittal.”

    “RABBI MEIR sat during the whole of the Sabbath-day in the School instructing the people. During his absence from the house his two sons died, both of them of uncommon beauty, and enlightened in the Law. His wife bore them to her bedchamber, and spread a white covering over their bodies. In the evening Rabbi Meir came home. ‘Where are my sons?’ he asked. ‘I repeatedly looked round the School, and I did not see them there.’ She reached him a goblet. He praised the Lord at the going out of the Sabbath, drank, and again asked: ‘Where are my sons?’ ‘They will not be afar off,’ she said, and placed food before him that he might eat. When he had said grace after the meal, she thus addressed him: ‘With thy permission, I would fain propose to thee one question.’ ‘Ask it then,’ he replied. ‘A few days ago a person entrusted some jewels into my custody, and now he demands them of me; should I give them back again?’ ‘This is a question,’ said the Rabbi, ‘which my wife should not have thought it necessary to ask. What! Wouldst thou hesitate to restore to every one his own?’ ‘No, she replied; ‘but yet I thought it best not to restore them without acquainting you therewith.’ She then led him to the chamber, and took the white covering from the dead bodies. ‘Ah, my sons! My sons!’ loudly lamented the father. ‘My sons! the light of my eyes!’ The mother turned away and wept bitterly. At length she took her husband by the hand, and said: Didst thou not teach me that we must not be reluctant to restore that which was entrusted to our keeping? See-the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord!”

    “TWO ships were once seen to be sailing near land. One of them was going forth from the harbour, and the other was coming into the harbour. Every one was cheering the outgoing ship, and every one was giving it a hearty send-off. But the incoming ship was scarcely noticed.
    “A wise man was looking at the two ships, and he said: ‘Rejoice not over the ship that is setting out to sea, for you know not what destiny awaits it, what storms it may encounter, what dangers it may have to undergo. Rejoice rather over the ship that has reached port safely and brought back all its passengers in peace.’
    “It is the way of the world, that when a human being is born, all rejoice; but when he dies, all sorrow. Rather ought the opposite to be the case. No one can tell what troubles await the child on its journey into manhood. But when man has lived and dies in peace, all should rejoice, seeing that he has completed his journey, and is departing this world with the imperishable crown of a good name.”

    A BOOK OF JEWISH THOUGHTS edited by Rabbi, Dr Joseph H HERTZ
    Published: London 1941

  199. Greg,

    When we last spoke as you stood guard outside Yeshivah Shul, you mentioned that you were “going away” with the army to a confidential destination. As it was you who was being sent, it was obvious that the mission(s) that you would conduct were significant.

    As we said farewell, I threw out a random line “don’t be a hero”. But – that would never be possible – as you were and would always be a hero and, in doing so, head and shoulders above all others. As those parting words left my lipes, I realised how stupid they sounded.

    We all knew that you were and always would be a hero.

    Your loss will always be felt by many more people in greater amounts than you would have known until we all meet again.

  200. At a time when young Israeli soldiers have lost their lives fighting on one front of the global war against terror, a young Australian Jew has lost his on another. Whether Israel, India or Afghanistan – or countless other places around the globe – it is the same war with different faces.

    Living comfortably in our homes it is at times difficult to understand how pernicious the battle really is – and how much we owe to those who are willing to risk, and often give, their lives so that we can live in safety and security.

    We have returned to Australia to the tragic death of Private Greg Michael Sher, the first Australian Jew to die in combat since the Second World War. Ever since hearing the news of his passing, thoughts of him and his family have not left my mind.

    Greg was a proud Jew and a proud Australian – a man whose short life was dedicated to service – service of his country, service of his people. As a soldier he served his country, as a member of the CSG he served his people. No matter the cause, he was always there to lend a hand.

    Words cannot express the pain that his parents, his partner, his brothers and his family are now feeling.

    We can however express the enormous pride that we share in Greg – as Australians and as Jews. He was an outstanding example of what a person can achieve – integration of his Jewish and Australian personalities without compromising either one, while leading the kind of life of which both Jews and Australians, and certainly Australian Jews, can be mightily proud.

    From the bottom of our hearts we send our love to his parents Felix and Yvonne; his brothers Steven and Barry; his grandmothers Sylvia Dushansky and Molly Friedlander; his partner Karen Goldschlager; his aunts and uncles Bertha & Harold Milner, Hazel & Alan Fine and Rael & Diane Dushansky, and to all his extended family.

    May Greg’s neshama ascend from height to height in the eternal and true world, basking in the presence of the Almighty, and may he be a good intercessor on behalf of all his family and all Israel.

    On behalf of all of us at South Head Synagogue.

    Rabbi Benzion Milecki OAM

  201. When we came to Australia in 1988, we got to know Greg who was a classmate and friend of my son Daniel.They shared their school years together as well as preparing for their Bar Mitzvahs. Greg’s tragic death has left us shocked and numbed. As we were all new immigrants during that time, I feel we ALL have lost one of our sons. To Yvonne and Felix,Steven and Barry, I hope you will find comfort by the full and meaningful life that Greg lived in his short life time.May his memory be cherished and an example to us all, for the service he performed that we could live our lives in safety.I attended Greg’s very moving funeral yesterday, representing also his childhood friend Daniel who now lives in the USA and who joins me in expressing our deep sadness, admiration and condolences. May his memory be forever illuminated and his soul rest in peace.

  202. I remember when Greg went out of his way to be my friend and help me at school when I arrived from South Africa almost 17 years ago. Whilst we did not see much of each other in the later years, everything I have heard and read describes the Greg I knew exactly. It just goes to show that once a mensche, always a mensche. It was privilege knowing a hero and I just hope that his family gets a bit of consolation out of their pride for him and the legacy he left.

  203. It is difficult to find the words to describe my heartache and sympathy for our sad loss.
    I am grateful for the short time I did mangage to spend with greg growing up as small kids in SA and so so sad for the time we missed out on.
    I can see from all the comments and tributes what exceptional,kind and generous person greg was – The world is a lesser place without him.
    To Gran, Vonnie, Felix, Steven and Barry I cannot even begin to imagine your heartache and how difficult it must be to loose a grandson, child and brother.
    My thoughts are with you all.
    Greg -a true HERO – I am so priviledged to be able to say I was your cousin.
    Rest in peace

  204. I was only small when I met Greg but I still remember the times we had with all the Sher’s. We lost a kind and gentle person and I just wanted to wish you all long life and strength during this tough time. I grieve for Greg who was if anything a generous and kind man. RIP

  205. I remember coming out of meetings with Greg. It was like getting a booster shot against anything that could go wrong.A week after the meeting I’d always laugh at the fact I was now doing more work than before. That’s what was special about Greg – he had a way of motivating people, making them feel they’re needed, and that no other person in the world could fill their role.

    A truly remarkable man. RIP Greg.

  206. Greg follows in a noble military family tradition. His grandfather Sidney Dushansky served proudly in WW2 in the South African army with the rank of Sergeant in North Africa and Italy. His great great uncle Leibl Dushansky served in the Russian army in WW1, and was a decorated war hero mentioned in dispatches. Both of them would have been proud of Greg. I like to think that their spirits stood in salute over his casket and lovingly welcome him, their comrade in arms into the “Olam Haba”, the world to come.

    May his soul be bound up in bond of eternal life.
    Rest in peace Greg.

  207. I knew Greg for many years, though we hadn’t crossed paths recently. He was certainly a man of purpose. From our earliest meetings, he told me he intended to join the special forces. And over the following years I saw him methodically take step after step to achieve that goal. While I was devastated to read of his death, I wasn’t surprised to read that he was on deployment in Afghanistan as a commando. Our nation was privileged to have had him as its servant, and we were all so lucky to have known him. I wish his brothers, partner and family strength in this terrible time.
    Greg illuminated a path of honesty, courage, determination and service for all of us to follow.

  208. Dear Greg,

    Although our friendship occured back in South Africa much earlier in life in the first few years of primary school, I still clearly remember coming to your house and playing video games with you, as well as being your friend at school until you left South Africa to come and live in Australia.

    Through all the years we were separated by distance, it is clear that you grew up into (among many other great things) an inspirational person who gave everything he had to better life for others. This is a trait that the world so dearly needs to become the sort of place where everyone is free to live their lives safely and happily. To you we all owe great thanks for your tremendous courage and determination. I hope we can all look to your person and extraordinary service you gave not only to Australia, but to the world to better ourselves and continue the great efforts towards these important matters you fought with your heart and soul for.

    To Gregs parents, brothers and Partner, I wish you all a long life, and strength through this time. You can be truly proud that you raised a magnificent person who inspired so many people and will continue to do so.

    To a true hero, Greg Sher, Rest In Peace.

  209. I didn’t know Greg for very long but I feel so much richer for the time that I did get to know him. Greg was one of the kindest most honest souls I have ever met and he brought out the best in every single person he encountered. As much as I feel that Kaz is a sister, I felt that Greg was a brother.
    I wish the family all the strength and courage that they will need to endure this loss and I will never forget Greg. RIP!

  210. To my dearest Sher family, I grieve for your loss of Greg as if he were my own son. I have known you all since 1988 and I was the one who cut Greg’s hair for years. Just knowing that he was around as the wonderful person he was was good enough for me, however knowing that he has gone has left me with a terrible sense of loss. Your family to me was always the model and envy of all families. I can’t imagine how you must feel. Having said that knowing that Greg’s memory will be enshrined in Australian History for ever and that he served for our safety and freedom leaves me with a sense of gratitude beyond words. I am honored to have known him. I love you all.

    Regards Hersch

  211. Dearest Greg.

    It was our privilege to have known you. You were the absolute mensch, so respectful, kind and caring. The world is a much poorer place without you. You enriched the lives of so many people. We will miss you dearly. May you dear sould rest in peace and may you parents, brothers and partner derive some comfort from the knowledge that you touched so many lives with your compassion, kindness and decency.

  212. Greg was my hero throughout my entire childhood… and remains so for all time!! I can remember being 6 years old, playing army games around the house with my brother and all of the Sher boys. 13 year old Greg, was our commander, our chief, our king! This is how I saw him, looking up at his purpose-driven eyes.. Today, I marvel and am truly inspired by his life-long courage and generosity. Greg was a true gift from above.. given to all of us.

    I wish to express my eternal love for the entire Sher family… to whom I wish long life. What a wonderful son, brother, friend, partner and hero!! I thank you endlessly for nurturing such a glorious soul. I will mourn him until I see him again.. and I will love him always and unconditioanlly. To Greg, I say ¨you are a legend.. with a heart of gold. Save me seat up there. I can´t wait to see you again¨

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