Personal Statement Released on Behalf of the Family of Private Greg Sher

Greg’s entire family and his many friends are devastated by his untimely death.

Although the family of any person in the military is aware of the possible risks involved, it is not until the worst happens that you realise the real danger our armed forces personnel face.

Greg, for all who knew him, was a man of purpose and committed determination. He was an extremely positive person with a kind soul.

He was the sort of mate who would do anything for anyone, and his friends knew him for the great guy that he was. He was a loyal and loving family member who always put his family high on his list of priorities.

His decision to serve his country was a true indication of his character. He always wanted to help and be of assistance, and he had this opportunity on a previous deployment to East Timor.

Greg was much admired by his Army colleagues and was seen as a quiet achiever who always got the job done. His mates have described him as the best operator they have ever known.

We wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those who have shown support at this very difficult time.