Tribute from Greg’s Partner, Karen

This tribute was read to mourners gathered at Greg’s Funeral.


I stand before you as the luckiest person in the world.  To know that I was given the ultimate privilege of being chosen to share the precious gift of Greg’s life.

It is not everyday that the world has the honour of hosting a man like Greg.  Every day of his life, he strived to be the very best that he could be.

Greg systematically conquered every fear that he had with unwavering determination and fierce resolve. He set goals for himself at the equivalent magnitude of one’s Everest and then began the gruelling climb, one hand over the other.

At the time of his death, he had reached the summit of his life’s work and passion.

My greatest regret for Greg is that he didn’t live long enough to have children and further fill this world with brilliant, unconquerable sparks of life. 

This Friday, they brought Greg home. The ceremony was nothing short of breath taking with every ounce of respect, honour and dignity that he deserved.

On returning home I received a letter in the mail from Greg dated 16th December 2008. On reading and rereading my letter I am left with an overwhelming sense of his essence – the mantra to live life to the fullest, to take continuous learning points and to always be one’s best.

It is now our responsibility and our honour to uphold the virtues of Greg’s legacy.

From the outset of our relationship, Greg would drill into me the need to develop my self confidence. Would impress upon me the importance of standing up for myself. He taught me how to be loved and he taught me how to trust. Through his actions I learnt what it would take to face my fears. Through his spirit I learnt to be strong. Thank you Greg. You alone taught me all the skills I will need to face your loss and a future without you.

Greg, my pain at your loss is immeasurable and incomprehensible, as in all of us. However, my love for you, sweet boy, and my pride in you overflows and conquers the darkness of life without you.